SF6 Gas Test Transformer_Yangzhou Sute Technology Co., Ltd.

SF6 lightning impulse generator

Our strengths:

Our company has designed and developed the world's first 3000 kV inflatable impulse voltage generator, which can be used for lightning wave and operation wave tests of 1000 kV GIS or Gil.

This design solves the problem of installation and test of UHV GIS and Gil in the field. In the future, it can form a multi-functional test platform by combining with inflatable test transformer.

This new design can be used not only for lightning wave and operation wave test, but also for AC test。 If necessary, it can also be combined with DC test。

CDY series are mainly used for testing full wave, operation wave, intercept wave, shock wave and other special waveform of lightning shock。

Loop inductance is small and voltage utilization coefficient is high.

Convenient wave modulation, simple operation, wide synchronization range, reliable action A 3000KV SF6 gas insulated inflatable impulse voltage generator is developed for the first time.

The new design can also be used in AC test.

Structural form:

HAEFELYS.E. structure, H, L and other structures.

Voltage range:

20 kv-7200 kv, all the generated waveforms meet the national standards and IEC world standards, and all technical indicators reach the advanced level of the same kind of products in the world.

Main technical features:

1. Complete set of devices, complete voltage level;

2。 Loop inductance is small, and band-stop filter is adopted to produce standard waveform under large capacity load, which has large load capacity。

3。 High voltage utilization coefficient;

4。 Wave modulation is convenient。 Simple operation, wide synchronization range, reliable action。

5. Constant current charging automatic control technology is adopted, which has high degree of automation and strong anti-interference ability.


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