SF6 Gas Test Transformer_Yangzhou Sute Technology Co., Ltd.

Warmly congratulate the armored SF6 gas transformer on overcoming the difficulties of temperature relief!

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas test transformer is a new high-voltage test alternative product developed on the basis of traditional oil-immersed test transformer。 It can be used for testing and preventive testing of various high-voltage power and electrical equipment。 At present, our customers are mainly: GIS, transformer, insulator, research and test platform, etc。

SF6 gas insulated test transformer, high voltage 280 kv, capacity 560 KA, low voltage winding is made of hollow copper tube, external transformer tank circulating system is used to cool the low voltage winding of test transformer, which solves the temperature rise. Questions. The transformer is currently running on the cable built-in defect simulation test platform of Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute.

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